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DETAILS: Created as an audio/visual response to the Difference Engine artists from Ireland, whose work focused on the internal landscape. The snake resonates with the Hopi stories that there is a snake vibrating sound at the earth’s core and the Australian Aboriginal idea of the songline which maps the horizon and crosses the earth with […]

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PROJECT: Iris Ation feat. Tropical Fantasy – “Hello Operator” DETAILS: Jessica Findley’s alter ego Iris Ation Collaborates with Tropical Fantasy (AKA) Desmond Williams

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DETAILS: an installation composed of 3 parts. 1) Sonic Chandelier – A chandelier suspended from a speaker producing low base sounds. The base sounds are an echo of the period of waves for that day at Far Rockaway, where I surf. It is a reflection on the power of the ocean where all my senses […]

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DETAILS: GROW is a serenade for plants. Living together as lovers, hanging in connected papooses made from reused shopping bags, a plant is paired with a speaker playing sounds and songs especially chosen and made for the plant. Inspired by a vintner in Tuscany who plays classical music to grow better grapes, GROW, is a […]

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