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CLIENT: Break the Block promotional artwork
MEDIUM: Gauche Painting, Vectors, Hand Lettering
DETAILS: Creative vitamins are visual reminders to help motivate creativity

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Lolly Wolly Doodle

CLIENT: Lolly Wolly Doodle DETAILS: I guided rebranding and redesign of all digital products and social media marketing for a the largest retailer on Facebook, producing and selling bespoke girl’s dresses. ROLES: Creative Direction, Branding, Art Direction, UX Design, UI Design, Senior Design, Illustration

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Marine Alphabet

  MEDIUM: Gauche PaintingDETAILS: Marine Alphabet, Hand Lettering

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Energy Hub Thermostat Interface Design

  CLIENT: Energy Hub DETAILS: Designed UI & UX for energy efficiency applications and did Graphic Design for marketing. Worked closely creating concepts with product development teams. ROLE: Art Direction, Interface Design, Graphic Design

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Shelby TV Infographic

CLIENT: Shelby TV DETAILS: Infographic gift guide for the holidays ROLE: Infographic Design

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Windowarm Branding

Windowfarm Business Card

  CLIENT: Windowfarms DETAILS: Business Card Design ROLE: Print Design, Illustration    

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Amenda Clinic Branding

Amenda Clinic Branding

    CLIENT: Amenda Clinic DETAILS: Logo Design for a holistic clinic based in Portland, Oregon ROLE: Branding, Design

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596 Acres

596 Acres Poster

  CLIENT: 596 Acres DETAILS: Spanish Poster Design to promote community use of empty public lots in New York ROLE: Print Design

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Unlocal Branding

UNLOCAL Branding

  CLIENT: DETAILS: Branding, Logo and Business Card Design for a non-profit legal services provider ROLE: Branding & Print Design

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Window Farms Bag Art

Windowfarms Bag Art

                                        CLIENT: Windowfarms DETAILS: Artwork for Reusable Bag ROLE: Print Design, Illustration

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Teen Vogue Animation

CLIENT: Teen Vogue DETAILS: Animated work for Teen Vogue Insider App Back to School Animation ROLE: Art director, Animator and Illustrator

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DETAILS : A mass bicycle ride of 50 people, where riders wear suits which inflate as they ride. There are 3 costume types – the bunny the bubble and the drop. Originally made as a public art antidote to 911 blues. Get involved. EXHIBITION: AEOLIAN ISLAND, VULCAN SICILY, 07.16.11 RIA DE AVEIRO, PORTUGAL, 07.02.11 BREMEN, […]

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These surfboard designs reflect my passion for the water and the magic of riding waves. A collaboration with Australian shaper Michael Carson and Matador Surf.

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CLIENT: DETAILS: Illustrations for’s Happen Magazine ROLE: Design & Illustration

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DETAILS: Wedding gift from the bride and groom to the guests. Designed with attributes of the loves of both the bride and groom embedded. ROLE: Design & Illustration

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