jessica findley art confluence


DETAILS: an installation composed of 3 parts. 1) Sonic Chandelier – A chandelier suspended from a speaker producing low base sounds. The base sounds are an echo of the period of waves for that day at Far Rockaway, where I surf. It is a reflection on the power of the ocean where all my senses […]

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DETAILS: GROW is a serenade for plants. Living together as lovers, hanging in connected papooses made from reused shopping bags, a plant is paired with a speaker playing sounds and songs especially chosen and made for the plant. Inspired by a vintner in Tuscany who plays classical music to grow better grapes, GROW, is a […]

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  PROJECT: Show + Tell is a collaboration with Margot Jacobs. As the title suggests, about showing and telling existing and hidden happenings in our everyday surroundings and lives. Visitors are invited to attach their secret desires to a series of strings extending from a central point on the gallery back wall to the frame of […]

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DETAILS: biofeedback installation An installation space utilizing the human breath to move suspended strings. A memory of the breath remains for newcomers to witness. Collaboration with Margot Jacobs. EXHIBITION: Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

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