DETAILS : A mass bicycle ride of 50 people, where riders wear suits which inflate as they ride. There are 3 costume types – the bunny the bubble and the drop. Originally made as a public art antidote to 911 blues. Get involved. EXHIBITION: AEOLIAN ISLAND, VULCAN SICILY, 07.16.11 RIA DE AVEIRO, PORTUGAL, 07.02.11 BREMEN, […]

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MYTHEOTYPES: Mother of Dragons

PROJECT: Mytheotypes: Mother of Dragons DETAILS: A portrait of stereotypes expanded into mythological creatures. This portrait is of a Hong Kong Grandmother, who labors well into her years and is transformed into the Mother of Dragons 龍母, Long Mu. Long Mu raised 5 snakes that turned into dragons. In return for her love dragons would help bring rain to her village. […]

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Coyote mytheotype


DETAILS:  I collaborated on my Mytheotype Portrait Series with  photographer, Jason Findley. For this series I create costumes based on stereotypes and myths of a culture. The model has Mexican and Swiss roots. We decided to portray a Coyote who clandestinely guides people over the border and a Coyote spirit, Huehuecoyotl,  who is known as […]

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