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Jessica-Findley Art Confluence

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DETAILS: an installation composed of 3 parts.
1) Sonic Chandelier – A chandelier suspended from a speaker producing low base sounds. The base sounds are an echo of the period of waves for that day at Far Rockaway, where I surf. It is a reflection on the power of the ocean where all my senses collide and fear, beauty and rapture all coexist.
2) Rock Candy Lab- Crystals in the process of growing to be used in the construction of a rock candy chandelier. Observers of the final chandelier can also taste it, creating a sweet, synthetic experience of synesthaesia.
3) Crystal Map Drawings – The crystalization, saturation and dissolving states of love, emotions and relationships over time mapped in a matrix in watercolor drawings.

MEDIUM: watercolor on found grid paper
EXHIBTION: From Point to Departure, Issue Project Room, NY 2008