Anubis Stereoscopic Mask


Stereo Images


DETAILS: The Gate of Anubis is a project of awakening. Anubis is the Egyptian dog-headed god who helps people into the afterlife. Wearing the mask of Anubis allows the two images to go from 2 dimensional to merge into one 3 dimensional image. The imagery depicts connections between ancient symbolism between Hopi, Egyptian, Hawaiian, Mayan and Tibetan mythology. The kachina, tiki totems are my form of notation as I learn about the connections that exist between these ancient cultures. such as chakra systems and a story of the great flood. As these myths are revealed to be increasingly universal it is interesting to explore the concepts as a possible history.

MEDIUM : wood, acrylic paint, ink, paper
EXHIBITION: Lost Symbols °¬_©∂¢§•º–˜∫ç∂ß_ St Cecelia’s Convent, Brooklyn, New York