Coyote mytheotypeDETAILS:  I collaborated on my Mytheotype Portrait Series with  photographer, Jason Findley. For this series I create costumes based on stereotypes and myths of a culture. The model has Mexican and Swiss roots. We decided to portray a Coyote who clandestinely guides people over the border and a Coyote spirit, Huehuecoyotl,  who is known as a trickster who teaches through pranks. “Stories derived from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis make him a benign prankster, whose tricks are often played on other gods or even humans but tended to backfire and cause more trouble for himself than the intended victims.”  Our world is rendered disjointed by borders are we create. Perhaps the coyote’s trick/lesson learn how to have compassion for all in these divisive times.
ROLE: Concept, Costume design and construction